Pemsikwa Life Coaching

I am a co-active life coach. As a coach I listen to my clients and then "coach" them in ways to achieve their fullest potential.  My personal philosophy of life and coaching is simple:  Life is a mystery to be lived to it fullest potential.  As your life coach, my sole task is help you achieve your fullest potential, period. 

I am there to offer you insights, encouragement, and motivation as you navigate the detours, bumps and counters of life.   I am there to support, encourage and help you discern the right path for you.  

Coaching is an opportunity for you to spend time with a skilled, curious questioner who is 110% unconditionally focused on you and what's important to you.  As your coach I strive to empower and inspire you through asking  questions,  sharing intuitions, and providing structured activities. It is important to highlight that coaching is ALWAYS about you, the client.  As your coach I assume the role of supporting partner working WITH  YOU to find the most natural ways to achieve your goals and objectives.

I became a coach because I love:
- the energy created through the personal growth ;
- connecting deeply with other people; 
- empowering others to experience a more fulfilling life;
- facilitating others achieve their dreams and passions;
- asking questions and not giving answers!
I became a coach because it is an sacred honor to be part of a transformative process!

As a client, what is my commitment?
The first 30 minute Taste of Coaching Session is free, no commitment beyond agreeing to participate is required.  If after the session you decide that you want to continue working with me then we will schedule your next session or sessions, depending on what you feel prepared to commit to.  Some clients prefer to schedule one session at a time, while others like to multiple sessions.  I am flexible.  We will also discuss fees and payment options at this time.  My fees are based on a sliding scale and honor system.

 What does Pemsikwa mean?  Pemsikwa is the Ojibwa word for paddle, which is both a verb and a noun.  It is at both the tool and action of propelling a canoe through the water.  Without a paddle we have little control over our canoe.  I chose this name  because it is a a powerful metaphor for coaching.   Since I love paddling, coaching and metaphors this was the perfect name.

To schedule your free 30 minute Taste of Coaching session
call or text 802-440-1023;
  or email me at