Pemsikwa Coaching

Pemsikwa is the Ojibawa word for paddle.  A paddle is a tool which propels one through water and it is also the action of moving through water.  Pemsikwa Coaching is also a noun and verb.  It is a set of tools to propel you forward toward your goals and it is the process which empowers you to reach those goals. 
My job as your coachis to help you achieve your fullest potential.

People who seek out Pemsikwa Coaching want 0ne or more of the following:

- Refining interpersonal skills for purposes of advancement;
- Help designing a future plan;
- Guidance tackling work place challenges;
- To tap into their fullest potential;
- Peace of mind;
-Clarity on life;
- Help overcoming obstacles keeping them from their dreams;
- To develop a new attitude about life;
- Someone to stand by them during tough times;
-Build self-confidence.
I have a special interest coaching
*first responders*
*professionals in transition*
*young adults*
To schedule a free 30 minute sample coaching session
call or text 802-440-1023;
  or email:
Pemsikwa Coaching charges a flat rate of 40.00 per 45 minute session.