Burning Bush Adventures

 Through BBA I combine over 25 years of rabbinic experience with 35 years of wilderness canoe guiding to provide you with close encounters with God, Judaism and the natural world .  

Prior to entering rabbinical school I led programs for Outward Bound in Minnesota, Florida, Maine and England.  It was during these years that I became increasingly aware of a powerful connection between outdoor experiences and Judaism.  Both involve the conscious use of metaphor.  Both are highly experiential.  Both place a high value on community and shared responsibility.  Both seek to find what is holy in the ordinary and in the world around us.  Both emphasize the importance of caring for our world and all its creatures as prerequisite to reaching full spiritual development.  All of these connections inspired me to combine my rabbinic training with my Outward Bound experience to create Burning Bush Adventures.

By the way, it may  surprise you to learn that Outward Bound was actually started by an Austrian Jew,  Kurt Hahn.  Hahn was a renowned educator in his day.  However,  because he was Jewish and his politics he was interned in a concentration camp early in the war.  Fortunately, he was literally plucked out of the  camp by the Duke of Edinburgh and brought to England.  There he was commissioned to create a 30 day survival program for the British Merchant Marines based on his prior  educational experiences.  After the war this became the model for today's Outward Bound schools.

BBA combines educational elements of  Outward Bound with the richness of Judaism to create a powerful and spiritually meaningful experience for young and old alike.  BBA participants include teens, parents and children and adult friends.

The most popular BBA trip is a three day / two night canoe back country trek in the Adirondacks in upstate New York,  Other popular trips include in Maine the Moose Bow River, Lakes Aziscohos and Umbagog and the Delaware River bordering New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  Day trip options are available in New York and Vermont. 

I am licensed NY state wilderness guide and certified Wilderness First Responder.

For more information about scheduling and prices please email me
at Burningbushadventures@gmail.com; call or text 802-440-1023.
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