Baruch Haba /ברוך הבא / Welcome / שלום /Shalom

Thanks for stopping by.
I am Howard.

I am a rabbi, firefighter, wilderness guide and life coach. 
When I am not attending to the needs of Congregation Shirat Hayam on Boston's South Shore
 I can be found leading wilderness canoe trips infused with Judaism,
responding to fire calls or meeting with coaching clients.

What connects firefighting, rabbi-ing, wilderness guiding and coaching is simple.
They all involve service to others; holy work and building meaningful, and trust based relationships with others. 
Plus they are all a lot of fun. 
I am available to provide you, your family or community with all manner of rabbinic services;  
guide you on a Judaism infused wilderness canoe trip;  or work with you as a life coach.  Sorry, but I do not do free-lance firefighting.

Click on the pictures below for more detail about my work in these different professions.


Life Coach





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